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About Dejour Energy

Dejour Energy (USA) Corp. registered in the State of Nevada on Thursday, March 18, 1999 an independent oil and natural gas exploration and production and production services in Colorado and Utah.  The company owns interests in 290,000 gross acres of hydrocarbon leases in the Piceance and Uinta Basins, Peace River Arch regions of western Colorado and eastern Utah. Dejour Energy (USA) Corp. is based in Denver, Colorado. 

Dejour maintains offices in Denver, USA, Calgary, Canada


Dejour Energy (USA) Corp. Dejour Energy. Pragmatic. Resourceful. Innovative.  Managed by an accomplished group of professionals with extensive experience in the energy sector and venture capital, Dejour Energy has built a team whose goal is to create company value. These experienced leaders have assembled an impressive technical team, who are pursuing a strategy that combines traditional exploration with science to exploit adjacent lands to existing production lands in British Columbia/Colorado and recruit the talent/capital to act on new opportunities.


Sustainability. Social Responsibility. Indigenous Partners

Dejour Energy (USA) Corp. is socially conscious and responsible corporate citizen. We're committed to sound, sustainable policies and to rigorously applying the industry's best environmental, health and safety practices in all our operations.

Success is achieved by managing the financial, social and environmental responsibilities in our organization. We work in tandem with experts and peers in industry, with government departments, and non-governmental organizations. Proudly, we have developed a premier working relationship with our Northern BC indigenous partner/stakeholders and continuously develop sustainable, minimal footprint operations in our business, to minimize social and environmental risk to shareholder profitability.


Dejour Services
Dejour Services
  • Oil and natural gas exploration and production services
  • Depletion studies including full-field reservoir simulation
  • Practical scoping and development studies of stranded assets
  • Field optimization at low cost to increase production-add workover opportunities.
  • Stand alone, and integrated, gas utilization - evaluation of alternatives and recommendation(s) for implementation
  • Farm out of high OPEX Onshore assets
  • Complete abandonment & reclamation services, well completions, production optimization and reservoir modelling
  • Integrated, company-wide, enhanced/ improved oil recovery (EOR/IOR) feasibility studies
  • Full cycle asset development/depletion plans
  • Low-Cost Operator
  • Outlook for methanol production


Piceance Project
Piceance Project


Piceance Basin Colorado
Dejour Energy (USA) Corp has graded one key project in the Piceance Basin of Western Colorado. This basin is more than 100 miles long and has an average width of over 60 miles, encompassing an area of over 7,100 square miles. It contains reserves of coal, oil shale and one of the largest containments of rich natural gas in North America.

The primary target of gas development has been the Williams Fork Member of the Cretaceous Mesa Verde Formation, a several-thousand-foot thick section of shales and sandstones. The deeper Mancos Shale is an emerging deeper target which has yielded noteworthy discoveries of natural gas and is enhancing production economics throughout many parts of the Basin. Current production has been developed via vertical wells but horizontal well technologies and advanced completion technologies are now yielding impressive production rate and increases (EOR) reserves per well.

Active Project: Kokopelli


Unique Williams Fork/Mancos Combination

  • 25% Working Interest in 12 producing gas and liquids prone wells with 22 as yet undrilled locations in the eastern Piceance Basin, Colorado
  • Dual Williams Fork and Mancos productivity
  • All transportation and PWD facilities in place
  • Operating at positive cash flow
  • Dejour Energy (USA) Corp's acreage is now operated by Terra Energy, the largest producer in the basin, operating over 5,500 wells


Peace River Arch Projects
Peace River Arch Projects


Peace River Arch Projects, British Columbia & Alberta

The Dejour Energy (Alberta) Corp Peace River Arch Woodrush project is located in NE British Columbia and recognized by the conventional industry as having a history of high quality conventional reserves.  The Arch offers significant opportunity for the recovery of new, serendipitous reserves.

In specific areas within the Arch, the maturity of development also provides a well-developed infrastructure thereby allowing for ease of tie-in resulting in early on-stream production.


Active Project: Woodrush

Woodrush, Peace River Arch

  • 13,093 net acres
  • New Paradigm multiple stacked 3D based exploration and development
  • $12mm invested in production facilities and related network of pipelines
  • 100% owned and operated 3 oil and associated gas producing wells and 9 natural gas producing wells
  • Multiple newly mapped exploration targets - targeting 5-15 million barrels of additional recoverable reserves
  • Current (post 10 year production history on initial discovery pool of 600,000 barrels of oil) NPV - $2.0mm PV10% at 31/12/2017
  • 2 New Wells Drilled and Cased in 2020 Scheduled completion Q1 2021. Additional Production 2.5 - 3 MMSCF/d; 150 – 225 bb/b oil.


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Dejour Energy Corporation

3773 Howard Hughes PKWY, STE 500s
                                                                   Las Vegas, NV 89169-6014,
 USA                                                                                                                                     Phone: +1-702-866-2689 Ext 6019





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Dejour Energy (USA) Corp

Dejour Energy - Pragmatic. Resourceful. Innovative

Managed by an accomplished group of professionals with extensive experience in the energy sector and venture capital, Dejour Energy has built a team whose goal is to create company value.

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Dejour Energy (USA) Corp.
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